Introducing Thousand Trades Distillery – Small Batch Craft Spirits

Introducing 1000 Trades Distillery

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About Thousand Trades Distillery

1000 Trades is an independent, family owned, small batch distillery established in 2020. We make artisanal spirits taking inspiration from Birmingham, the “City of 1000 Trades”, and the surrounding area.

Taking that inspiration, we have sourced exceptional ingredients and botanicals to hand make a signature range, including Gin and Vodka made in Birmingham, from scratch, and a spiced rum blended from the finest imported Caribbean rums. Once distilled and blended we lovingly bottle our spirits by hand adding the final flourish of a wax seal stamped with the Distillery’s very own seal of approval.

​As a distillery we have a clear objective to be socially responsible and make our local and global community a better place for everyone and everything. The distillery operates at net carbon zero. We support local charities and a number of projects that focus on environmental projects, tree planting and carbon offsetting. Our ultimate goal is to become a certified B Corporation.

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