Introducing HoneyBell – Premium Spiced Rum

Introducing HoneyBell - Premium Spiced Rum

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About HoneyBell Spiced Rum

It all starts with the amazing bumble bee and its English blossom honey. Harnessing the sweetness of their all natural nectar and balancing it with bittersweet orange is central to creating the unique flavour of our spiced rum.

Of equal importance is a careful and conscious distillation method. HoneyBell uses the original distiller of British rum and their head, heart and tail method to ensure they’re extracting and bottling only the finest cut of liquid. Put simply, the heart is where the richest and most flavoursome rum can be found, so this is all we use, ensuring an unmistakably premium product, with no corners cut in the making process.

The meticulous distillation process is complemented by the selection of handpicked botanicals that infuse to create a unique and complex flavour profile. English blossom honey, orange and vanilla pods with emergent notes of cacao and assam tea combine for a spiced rum aimed at changing the narrative of what a spiced rum can be. 

Pirates beware, there’s a new bee on the block!

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