Introducing High Point Drinks – Non Alcoholic Aperitif And Digestif

Introducing High Point Drinks - Non Alcoholic Aperitif And Digestif

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About High Point Drinks

High Point Drinks are the world’s first fermented non-alcoholic spirits. They use the experience of fermentation from setting up and owning Harbour Brewing Co since 2012.

The producer uses their strategic position in Cornwall for the spring water and raw & natural ingredients to ferment, infuse and blend our 0.0% spirits. It takes them 4 weeks to create a bottle of Aperitif and Digestif , something unseen in the NA sector before.

High Point Drink is here to redefine the non-alcoholic industry.

Their Ruby Aperitif has a refreshing, bright bittersweet blend using ingredients such as Hibiscus, Grapefruit and Orange zest. It is a wonderful Spring and Summer time drink, mixed up with some tonic to create a simple yet satisfying Spritz.

Next, Amber Digestif, is rich and smoky. It is a great after dinner drink made into a lowball with Ginger Ale. However, due to the complexities of the drink it is an incredible non-alcoholic cocktail ingredient. Making smoky margaritas through to new non-alcoholic cocktails such as the Dandelion and Burdock lowball. Amber is all about finding your drink or occasion.

They create their drinks with as much production care and value as you’d expect from any alcoholic drink. There is no need to compromise just because you don’t or just don’t fancy drinking alcohol.

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