Introducing Dorset Nectar – Award Winning Traditional Artisan Cider

Introducing Dorset Nectar - Award Winning Traditional Artisan Cider

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About Long Dorset Nectar

Dorset Nectar is all about family!

Back in 2006, when Oliver and Penny Strong were still in the business of making metal sculptures and topiary, they settled with their family on a wildly beautiful cider orchard in West Dorset, as a place to create their renowned metal sculptures, while at the same time growing shrub topiaries and harvesting their apples. 

Dorset Nectar Cider was born during the banking recession of 2008.  As the metal sculpture exhibits and shows fell through; the push to produce beautiful hand crafted products from the organic apples became the focus. Soon sons and daughters wholeheartedly took on the task of learning about running an orchard and heritage cidermaking.

Since then, and thanks to the wholehearted effort of all the family and friends, Dorset Nectar Cider has gone from strength to strength, winning many local and prestigious accolades year on year, crafting new cider blends and always trying something new.

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