Introducing Bemuse – Low Alcohol Craft Sparkling Mead

Introducing Bemuse - Low Alcohol Craft Sparkling Mead

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About Bemuse

BEMUSE is a revolutionary drinking experience based on Britain’s most ancient drink: mead. A modern, low-alcohol sparkling range of delicious meads, BEMUSE is on a mission to re-imagine mead for today’s tastes. Brewed using specially selected honey from planet positive beekeepers, Bemuse is refreshing, light, low-sugar, and can be enjoyed all year round, on its own or as an accompaniment to food.

Bemuse is available in four natural flavours from the sweeter and fruitier (Raspberry) to herbal (Tarragon, Basil & Hops), spicy (Ginger & Cardamom) and craft beer style hops (Hops).

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