How To Decorate Your Christmas Table In 2021

How To Decorate Your Christmas Table

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We have all had an unusual time during the pandemic so it’s an extra special experience to be able to decorate your table for you and your guests this year. It’s always worth putting that extra attention into your table decorating as it creates the image behind those amazing memories. If you’re looking for some ideas, we have put together a list of distinctive and charming Christmas table settings for a memorable season.

Embrace the outside in

Green Christmas Table Decoration

Add some greenery to your Christmas table this year. Create a natural and beautiful arrangement with plants like holly, ivy or pine. Make sure to add neutral colours to the table with place settings to bring in the festive and Nordic type feel.

Enjoy a traditional colour palette

Christmas Table - Traditional Colours

Embrace the traditional Christmas colours, highlighting festive palette. Contrast with the red and greens along with a white tablecloth as a base, then highlights of greenery and red berries to the table setting. A candle or two will add to the sparkly mood along with white or gold table matts. Top it off with red ribbon around the guests chairs to create that ultimate Christmas scene.

Highland festive table

Christmas Highland Table Decoration

Create a highland inspired Christmas feast with bold tartan tablecloth and tartan print Christmas crackers. Complement the table with pine cones and decorative china with Christmas themed prints. Add a few Christmas ornaments like wooden nutcrackers and set the mood with long shaped candles dotted around the table evenly. Also, if you want to highlight the table length add a long piece of greenery as the center piece.


Arrange a drinks station

Christmas Drinks Station

A drinks station is always required for whatever festive plans you have. Especially this year. Make sure to set up a dedicated drinks station for your guests and even have it set up for some cocktails. Get into the spirit by making sure you have the ingredients for some tasty Christmas themed cocktails. If you’re looking for some amazing British drinks to add to your drinks station, check out our shop to find a selection of spirits, beers, ciders and much more.

Create your own crackers

Christmas Crackers

Why not add a personal touch this year and create your own Christmas crackers for you and your guests? Don’t bother buying, come up with some fun ideas to add to the crackers and some hilarious jokes that you know will add to the festive cheer. It’s also more sustainable and eco-friendlier if you reuse some old Christmas wrapping paper or find some bits and pieces round the home that fit well in your homemade crackers.

So, there you have it, some fun and festive ways to decorate your Christmas table in 2021. Let us know in the comments how you’ll be decorating your Christmas table this year.


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