Fun Ideas for Your 2021 Christmas Party

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Once again COVID is making holiday parties tricky this year. Having said that, we’ve put together a bunch of ideas that will be fun regardless of who’s joining! Our top 5 items will get you into the holiday spirit and create some festive members… and don’t forget, many of them can be done on Zoom!

1. Festive Snack Exchange

Christmas Snacks

Let your guests help with the Christmas catering by enlisting them for a festive snack exchange, ensuring they come with their favourite festive food. It also adds a fun personal touch to your night and makes sure all your guests enjoy a variety of treats.

2. Secret Santa

Secret Santa

A tradition that’s sure to get everyone in the holiday spirit: Secret Santa. Make sure prior to your party each guest is given the name of someone else to gift to this year. Then set a price point (if you wish) and collect the presents on arrival so by the end of the night everyone has something to open. If you’re looking for some ideas, check out our shop for amazing drinks that anyone would love to receive!

3. Christmas cocktail making

Christmas Mulled Wine

Everyone loves a cocktail, especially a Christmas cocktail! Just get your cocktail shakers and ingredients ready for the the big night. You and your guests will have a right laugh mixing your favourite drinks. Why not check out out our Best Christmas Cocktail Recipes article for some inspiration?

4. Holiday game night

Christmas Game Night

Be sure to create some friendly competition by organising a lineup of games to play for your Christmas party this year. Also, boost the spirit by creating some holiday prizes for winners… maybe even a Christmas drinks hamper for the winning team. We’ve got some awesome prize ideas, including a selection of mixed boxes in our shop!

5. Christmas karaoke

Christmas Karaoke

Instead of the usual karaoke (which we know is good fun!) research a bunch of Christmas songs for your karaoke playlist this year. Enhance the holiday spirit by belting out some of your favourite Christmas tunes with all your guests. This fun activity will for sure become an annual activity at your Christmas party once you try it out and see how fun it is.

There you go, some fun ideas for your 2021 Christmas party that will be sure to generate some cheer. Make sure to keep safe, and follow any and all COVID guidance this year!


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